Place attachment in selected urban and semi - urban students' residences in southwestern Nigeria

  • Dolapo Olutosin AMOLE
Keywords: Place attachment, Southwest Nigeria, Urban and semi urban.


The focus of this study was place attachment in students' residences. The aim was to examine the levels, dimensions and predictors of place attachment in urban and semi-urban halls of residence. A stratified sample of 203 respondents completed a questionnaire and the results confirmed that students were attached to their residences and became so in a very short time. A multi-dimensional conception of place attachment was also supported because a factor analysis yielded five dimensions of place attachment. Place attachment was found to vary with different levels of the residence (t=4.187, df=201, p<0.000) and between the urban and semi-urban halls (U =3886.5, Z= -2.625, p<0.009). The predictors of place attachment were level of study, age, intensity of use and the type of hall (whether urban or semi-urban). Place attachment was not influenced by the decoration behavior, but rather, it was a predictor of decoration behavior. In conclusion, a contextual and multi-dimensional view of place attachment was supported and the implications for planning and further research were highlighted.