Decision support weighted score system (DSWSS) for selection of construction contractor in Nigeria

  • Oluwaseyi Modupe AJAYI
  • Emmanuel Olusegun OGUNSANMI
  • Olusegun Emmanuel AKINSIKU


The aim of this study was to develop a computer aided methodology to determine the weights of the different parameters for contractor selection as there is no standard assessment procedure for evaluating contractor selection criteria (CSC) by decision makers in Nigeria. A survey research is adopted for this study via descriptive research design. The populations are public clients and consultant organisation. Stratified sampling technique method is used because they are of the same homogenous group, that is divided into strata. Questionnaires were distributed to clients' organization and construction professional in consulting firms. The lists of practicing construction professionals were obtained from their professional bodies. The sample size was calculated using Cochran formula while Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) 17th version was used to analyse the biographical information of the respondents. The computer aided methodology used is a desktop application known as C Sharp (C#). The result gives the weights in percentage that could be assigned to contractor selection criteria a (CSC) at both prequalification and tender evaluation criteria. In conclusion, the weighted percentage can be used by decision makers during selection of contractor for construction projects to ensure objectivity judgment.