An investigation into the pozzolanic properties of volcanic ash sample obtained from Dutsin Dushowa in Jos Plateau

  • Babatunde James OLAWUYI
  • Kolapo Olubunmi OLUSOLA


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This study investigates the pozzolanic properties of the volcanic ash (VA) obtained from Dutsin Dushowa in Kerang,Plateau State. Chemical analysis of the VA obtained in the study area was carried out to determine the oxide contents.Tests on some physical properties (specific gravity, fineness, soundness, consistency, water requirement and setting times -initial and final) of the VA and VA-blended cement samples were also carried out.The resultshows a Silicon  dioxide  (SiO2)content  of  41.13%  and  a  total  Silicon  dioxide,  Iron  oxide,  and  Aluminium  oxide     (SiO +Fe O +Al O ) content of 70.99%. The VA sample has a specific gravity of 2.65 kg/m3and the VA-blended cement was noted to be finer than the control cement. The soundness of the VA-blended cement ranged between 1.5 and 4.5 for replacement levels of 0% to 30%. The consistency increased from 30.0% to 31.5% as VA substitution increase from 0% to 30%. The water required for a standard consistency was noted to increase as the VA content increased. The initial and final setting times increased from 50 to 105 minutes and 135 to 180 minutes respectively for this replacement levels. All the VA-blended cements thereby satisfy the various code requirements up to the 30% replacement levels, hence suitable for use in concrete.