Drivers and dynamics of change in Architecture

  • History, housing, society and well-being
  • Internet of things, advances in technology, climate change and sustainable architecture
  • Global trends in architectural design, practice and built environment research
  • Built environment and the management of disabilities

Drivers and dynamics of change in Building and Construction

  • Sustainability in building maintenance practices and construction technology
  • Contemporary approaches to building service installations and management; innovative procurement methods and project governance issues
  • Sustainable building materials and construction
  • Assistive Technologies

Drivers and dynamics of change in Quantity Surveying and Construction Management

  • Application of BIM, e-procurement and ICT to construction professional practice and project delivery
  • Risk response strategies; public procurement; marketing dynamics and construction economy in the built environment
  • Ethical conduct, education, training, research and development in the built environment

Drivers and dynamics of change in the Real Estate Market

  • Housing market projections and dynamics of housing development; technological innovations in corporate real estate and facilities management
  • Land governance issues; institutional frameworks of real estate markets; real estate education and dynamics of industry needs
  • Innovative approaches to real estate finance and investment vehicles; risks and performance measurements; advances in valuation practice

Drivers and dynamics of change in Surveying and Geoinformatics

  • Space and geo-spatial technological advancements as drivers of change in the built environment; dynamics of coastal environments
  • Curriculum response to advances in geo-spatial technologies; land tenure and land use dynamics

Drivers and dynamics of change in Urban Planning

  • Urban governance, informal sector activities and, environmental management
  • Land use change and conflict management; contemporary approaches to planning issues
  • Border issues, urban mobility and population dynamics
  • Assistive living for the aged

Drivers and dynamics of change in Visual Arts and Aesthetics

  • Visual literacy and positive aesthetics experience/attitude
  • Empirical and psychological approaches to the study of arts
  • Artistic research and practice in visual arts