Advances in Built Environment Research: Recent Advances and Future Directions

 Sub- Themes:

The sub-themes include but are not limited to the following:

Advances in Information Technologies

  • Augmented reality in construction
  • Building information Modelling
  • Virtual Reality
  • Drones in Construction.

Advances in Architecture and Planning

  • Designing and planning buildings, towns and cities
  • Interiors and Landscapes
  • Green buildings and Eco-design
  • Briefing and design management
  • Housing policies, strategies and development
  • Land and housing tenure
  • Sustainable housing

Advances in Art and Aesthetics in the Built Environment

  • The Aesthetics of the Built Environment
  • Cultural artefacts and heritage
  • Art
  • Artists, urban culture and social development

Responsive Art and Aesthetics in the Built Environment

  • The Aesthetics of the Built Environment
  • Cultural artifacts and heritage
  • Art, Artists, urban culture and social development

Advances in Construction Technology

  • Professionalism in the construction industry
  • Construction Design & Technology
  • Construction materials and technologies
  • Innovations in Construction Technology

Advances in Real Estate Research

  • Sustainable real estate development
  • Financial Analysis of the Property Market and Real Estate Risk
  • Housing Policy
  • Markets,
  • Law and Finance,
  • Advanced Valuation Methods
  • Innovation in Facilities Management
  • Real estate and investment portfolio management
  • Financing urban infrastructure
  • Real Estate valuation and investments

Advances in Governance of Cities, Towns and Rural Areas

  • Planning and Managing developments
  • Institutions and organizations of the Built Environment
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Urban regeneration policy and practices
  • Informal sectors and urban development

Advances in Management of Infrastructure for the Built Environment

  • Transportation and Communications planning and management
  • Wastes and pollution management
  • Water supply and energy

Advances in Management of Environmental Issues

  • Climate change impact, resilience and vulnerability
  • Disaster management
  • Sustainability in the built environment

Advances in Surveying and Geoinformatics

  • Land administration
  • innovation in remote sensing and photogrammetry
  • geographical information systems
  • Mining and extractive industry